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The Race is on to Identify and Catalog Microbes

Report from Aaron Waltz, Ph.D., Director of Field Trials and Nutrition

“By some estimates, fewer than 1 percent of all bacteria species have been identified, and bacteria are only one type of microbe,” writes Lindsey Konkel in a new report published on Ensia (May 23, 2017) about scientists who are studying microbes in southwestern Africa. Scientists are busy trying to identify and catalog microbes as quickly as possible, in part due to environmental change negatively affecting the soil, but also to meet the growing demand for microbes to solve environmental and food security problems.

Inocucor is focused on harnessing the power of microbes to improve crop yields and enrich soil, but the identification and classification of microbes could be invaluable across many fields, including pollution remediation, biofuel production and human health.  Microbes have been previously very difficult to isolate and research, but with the help of new technology, the possibilities are endless, writes Konkel.

Read Konkel's complete article here.


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