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2016 Organic Strawberry Trial in California

Report from Iain Storosko, Technical Application Specialist

One of Inocucor's first field trials with strawberries was completed in 2014 in Ontario. In that trial, Albion strawberry seedling plugs were drenched about 10 weeks after transplanting in a 1-oz. solution of Inocucor's Garden Solution (Synergro). That trial produced a 31% yield increase compared with the control group.

We continue to see significant yield improvement in berry crop trials.

The most recent trial was conducted in December 2016 by David Holden of Holden Research with a long-time organic strawberry grower in Camarillo, California. Synergro was applied using the grower's standard field drip irrigation system at 1 gallon/monthly from July to November. The trial results showed a 31.8% yield increase, which equates to an approximate $11,000 increase return per acre to the grower.

You can read the full reports about all of Inocucor's strawberry trials at this link.


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