Flowering – The Prime Time for Boron and Potassium

Written on 07/12/2018

Tissue test across Western Canada are indicating higher than normal deficiencies of Boron and Potassium. A properly timed application of Boron or Potassium at flowering will help your crop reach its genetic potential.

There is a large demand for Boron at flowering to insure optimum pollen viability, pollination, seed set, filling and ultimately the yield of the canola crop. However, Boron is also one of the least mobile nutrients in the plant, so a properly timed foliar application is required to maintain the genetic potential of the canola crop. Jarrett Chambers, President of ATP Nutrition, summarizes the importance of Boron in your flowering canola crop.


The most stressful time in a plant's lifecycle is at the start of flowering, due to the increasing nutrient demand of that plant. One of the most essential nutrients at this time is Potassium. 

Watch the video below to learn the importance of Potassium at flowering timing. 

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