Enhancing Protein in your Crop

Written on 07/04/2020

Want to enhance protein in your crop?

28-0-0 (UAN) is a common form of Nitrogen to use for topdressing or foliar application to your crop. However, UAN has a high probability of burning the leaves as 50% of the N is in the ammonium or nitrate form. Both forms of Nitrogen “scavenge” for water within the plant to neutralize these cations and anions. This causes a dehydration effect on the leaf, resulting in damaged leaf tissue and burn.

Watch the video below (less than two minutes) to learn about the best way to enhance protein in your crop with Nitrogen at this time of year. 


Enter N-Fluence.

N-Fluence (liquid urea 20-0-0) is significantly safer as a foliar than UAN since the urease enzyme (which naturally occurs in the plant) is responsible for the breaking of the urea molecule into two amine molecules. These amines are readily used by the plant in its metabolism and no additional water (inside the plant leaf) is required in this N conversion.

To also help with any potential urea burn, Nickel is added to N-Fluence as a key element to support the urease enzyme and N conversion.

Is N-Fluence compatible with your herbicide or fungicide?

We have done extensive work with agro-chemicals and other fertilizer products to understand compatibility as well as best practices when mixing products. To view a complete list of compatible products, CLICK HERE. If you don’t see your fungicide, please contact your local rep and they will have your mix tested to ensure compatibility. 

If you have any questions about how N-Fluence can fit into your nutritional plans this season, please contact your local rep.

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