ATP Nutrition welcomes Jenna Kalichuk to the team

Written on 11/06/2020

Jenna Kalichuk

ATP Nutrition is excited to announce that Jenna Kalichuk will be joining the team as Product Lead.

Jenna will provide support bringing new product innovations to market, such as the NutriScan (an in-field real-time soil diagnostic tool), biological innovations such as Synergro M2 and support the continuous evolution of ATP’s plant nutrition solutions.

Jenna is originally from Lundar, Manitoba where she grew up on a PMU farm. Jenna obtained a Bachelor of Science-Honours in Plant Biology, as well as a Master of Science from the University of Manitoba. In graduate school, she studied the molecular genetics of canola seed development. After grad school, Jenna transferred her writing and analytical skills to the fascinating world of marketing. 

Jenna started her marketing career at Monsanto with the DEKALB seed brand. In her roles as the DEKALB Brand Experience Manager and later, DEKALB Marketing Communications Manager, she focused heavily on customer centricity and using data to drive decisions.

She later moved to Cargill's Specialty Canola Business, where she managed internal and external communications regarding the Cargill Specialty Canola Program and the VICTORY Canola Brand.

Being a "Scientist turned Marketer", this new role is perfect for Jenna. She is excited that she can bring forward her passion for Science, Data & Analytics, and Marketing all into one role.

Jenna resides in Winnipeg, with her husband, Braden, her son, Arlo, as well as her golden retriever, Pam, and cat, Nancy - all of whom keep her very busy, but very happy.

Please join us in welcoming Jenna to the ATP Nutrition team.


ATP Nutrition is a leading supplier of essential plant nutrients helping growers across North America realize the genetic potential of their crop. Founded in 2010, the company simplified the complicated area of plant nutrition by developing the System of Chemtrition, an agronomically sound management plan built upon the R3 Agronomic Platform. In 2018, ATP Nutrition became a division of Concentric Ag, a leader of microbial-based biostimulants that boosts the health of the plant microbiome. The synergistic effect of the combined entities’ technical platforms, biologicals and plant nutrition, will deliver the next wave of plant and soil health improvements further driving the genetic potential of the crop.

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