Anuvia Plant Nutrients Introduces SymTRX10S™ to Canada Farmers

Written on 11/06/2020

We're excited to announce that SymTRX 10S, the first bio-based granular fertilizer in Canada, is registered and available for purchase.  Talk to your rep for an early order incentive for spring 2021 delivery. CLICK HERE to find your local rep.

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Anuvia Plant Nutrients Introduces SymTRX10S™ to Canada Farmers

New Bio-Based Fertilizer Works to Improve Crop Performance, Soil Health

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. (November 5) – Anuvia Plant Nutrients announces that its new SymTRX10S™ sustainable, bio-based fertilizer is now registered and available for farmers in Canada who want to benefit from the innovative technology that increases crop yield, improves soil health and lessens the environmental impact. For sales and service of SymTRX10S, Anuvia has partnered with ATP Nutrition-Canada whose team will support the product’s introduction.

“Anuvia’s SymTRX10S provides farmers a sustainable high-efficiency plant nutrient product that returns up to 15% organic matter to the soil to feed the soil microbiome and improve soil health,” says Hugh MacGillivray, Anuvia’s Chief Commercial Officer. “SymTRX10S is plug and play, requiring no changes in current handling practices. It can be used alone or be integrated into traditional fertilizer blends.” 

SymTRX10S uses Anuvia’s proprietary technology to reclaim, convert and repurpose organic materials, transforming them into high performance, sustainable fertilizers. SymTRX10S goes beyond providing essential nutrients to growing crops.  It also returns organic matter to the soil, feeding the soil microbes. Nutrients are efficiently delivered to crops when needed most and in plant available forms.  More nutrients are used, less are lost to the environment through leaching and volatility. Soil health is improved while greenhouse gases are reduced.


Key benefits growers can achieve using SymTRX10S include:

  • Improved nutrient efficiency. SymTRX improves crop performance and increases yield compared to conventional fertilizers.
  • Improved soil health. SymTRX returns 15% organic matter back to the soil.   Returning organic matter promotes a healthy soil microbiome which contributes to improved soil health.  Research indicates a significant increase in microbial activity and increases in root mass.
  • SymTRX is bio-based.It’s made by reclaiming organic materials that otherwise would be discarded. It lessens environmental impact by reducing nutrient loss via leaching and volatilization and reducing the GhG on the acre by up to 32%.
  • Easy to use and blend. SymTRX is a dry-granular product that blends easily with other fertilizers and requires no changes to fit with farmers’ current practices or equipment.

Learn more about Anuvia’s SymTRX technology by visiting  or

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About Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Anuvia Plant Nutrients manufactures high-efficiency, sustainable bio-based fertilizers for the agriculture, turf and lawncare industries. Headquartered in Winter Garden, Fla, the company developed and uses a unique technology that not only optimizes nutrient availability and efficiency for plants, but also improves soil health, preserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Anuvia is committed to offering easily adoptable, profitable and sustainable solutions to customers, their communities and global agriculture. To learn more about Anuvia Plant Nutrients — GreenTRX™ for turf and lawn, SymTRX for agriculture and Anugreen for consumer lawncare––visit


About ATP Nutrition

ATP Nutrition is a science-based plant nutrient company, committed to the development and commercialization of high-performance products and nutrient management plans that deliver results to the most demanding of agricultural needs. By Powering Growth with Science, our focus is on the three fundamentals of production agriculture; seed, soil, and the plant. Our revolutionary nutrient technologies will be research-driven, with proven proprietary formulations that improve plant health and performance. Our revolutionary R3 Agronomic Platform is the platform that bridges science and plant health, converting it to an easy to use, simple tool that drives value to your business. Servicing the agriculture and horticulture markets across North American, our experiences, agronomic technical sales team has a proven track-record. Partnering with leading distributors and retailers will provide for you easy access to the products and the deep knowledge base of the ATP product portfolio. For more information, visit the company is available at



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